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Holley Jacobs

Holley Jacobs

Living life to the fullest & learning new & interesting topics makes my day. What makes your day?


I am a novice and self-taught digital artists with a deep passion for all types of artwork. I enjoy abstract and unique photography. I love using my creativity skills to create original pictures and paintings. I may even inspire others which is my main goal. I was blessed to have others inspire me and wish to 'pay it forward'.

I believe "Life Is..." - a journey into an unknown that, although we may not be sure of where that road will take us, should not deter us from our travels. We should face all obstacles and relish in the moments of bliss that this life has to offer. There is nothing more important than learning, exploring, and sharing what knowledge we gain from the life we were given, including our children, family, friends, colleagues, and the world. My images reflect an emotion I feel as I create them. I hope they come across to others and allow emotions to flow for them as well.

I love quotes, music, internet surfing, internet marketing, social media, networking, volunteering, writing, photography, tattoos, and spending time with my family.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I look forward to it and would greatly appreciate the feedback.

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